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Delayed Growth
What is Growth Faliure in Children :-
Normal Growth : The most rapid phase of growth occurs in the mother's uterus. After birth, the growth rate gradually declines over the first several years of life. At birth, the average length of a newborn is 20 inches; at 1 year, the average height is about 30 inches; at 2 years, the average height is about 35 inches; and at 3 years, the average height is about 38 inches. After 3 years and until puberty, linear growth continues at a relatively constant rate of 2 inches per year.

Growth Faliure means growth rate that is below the appropriate growth velocity (speed) for age.
Sometimes a slow growth is a normal expression of a person's genetic potential. Normal growth is the result of several factors , eg. Nutrition, Genetics, and Hormones.

Possible Causes for Growth Failure in Children :-
Familial short stature : Children with this condition have parents with short stature. They have a normal growth velocity, and bone age is not delayed. They enter puberty at a normal time and often complete growth with a short adult height.

Constitutional growth delay : Also called delayed puberty. Children with constitutional growth delay do not show growth failure but a period of slow growth velocity occurs during the first year of life and just before puberty.

Malnutrition : Worldwide, malnutrition is probably the most common cause of growth reduction. Nutritional deficiencies in developed countries are more often the result of self-restricted diets.

Diseases and disorders :-
Psychosocial dwarfism : This is a disorder of short stature or growth failure and/or delayed puberty. This often occurs in association with emotional deprivation and/or child abuse and neglect.

Syndromes : Turner Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Noonan Syndrome, Russell-Silver Syndrome, and Prader-Willi Syndrome. Hormonal causes of delayed growth are Thyroid Hormone Deficiency.
Intra-uterine growth retardation and pre-term delivery.

Complications is un-treated or mal-treated :-
Diagnosis of Growth retardation is very important. Earlier the diagnosis of the problem the proper medical treatment can be done at the initial level of the disease. In the conventional system of medicine, somatotropin or growth hormone is used to replace the body's lack of growth hormone. As this is a purely hormonal replacement therapy, it has its potent side-effects.

Management of Growth Failure in Children in Homeopathy Health Centre :-
We at Homeopathy Health Centre treat the diseases in a rapid, gentle and permanent manner with the help of Homoeopathic medication, combining with dietary guideline and Yoga by Dr. Pancholi's Team of expert Homoeopathic Doctors.

Homoeopathy : In homoeopathy, we go to the root of the disease and understand the cause of the disease and the disease is treated accordingly. In Homeopathy Health Centre we have seen continuous and regular intake of Dr. Pancholi's Formulated Homoeopathic Medications can effectively increase the height in Constitutonal growth delay cases. The underlying disorder for which the growth is delayed eg. Hypothyroidism, Growth hormone deficiency syndrome can be cured. Even some judicious usage of homoeopathic medication can improve the height where family histiory of short stature is there.

Counselling : Children with abnormal growth patterns may be self-conscious about their height, or they may be teased. With proper counselling to those kind of kids their moral and self esteem could be improved which Dr. Pancholi's Team of expert Homoeopathic Doctors can effectively guide.

Yoga : Yoga is very effective for creating a proper hemoestesis between mind, body, and spirit. Different hormonal dysfunction can be recfified by proper Yoga Guideline, which Dr. Pancholi's Team of Expert Homoeopathic Doctors can guide.

Diet : It has been seen that delayed growth is directly related if the child is not taking the proper amount of nutritious food. Even in developed countries doctors have noticed a quite a few delayed growth condtions where the cause is deliberate defeciency of the nutritious food in the diet for the fear of getting overwieght or for the purpose of crash dieting, which is most important cause of adoloscent growth delay. Dr. Pancholi's Team of Expert Homoeopathic Doctors are well-aware about these facts and they can guide in a effective manner as how the diet should be followed for the children of adoloscent age-groups.
What is bedwetting?
Bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis is the involuntary passage of urine while asleep.

There are two types of bedwetting :-
  1. Primary bedwetting or enuresis : bedwetting since infancy. It is because delay in maturation of the nervous system. The children who suffer from bedwetting, their brains are un-able to recognize messages of nervous system sent by the full bladder.
  2. Secondary bedwetting or enuresis : Developed after being continually dry for a minimum of six months. The common factors or the causes for secondary bedwetting are urinary tract infections, Diabetes mellitus, and spinal cord disorders.
Many parents and children are frustrated with bedwetting as it starts to interfere with self-esteem or social events.

What happens if un-treated or mal-treated :-
Usually primary bed-wetting does not have any serious health-related implications, but as it is having some interference with the self-esteem or social events of the particular child, it might cause some behavioural problem for the child. The parents are also frustrated with their kids for the problem. For secondary bed-wetting (where there is some definite cause involved) prompt treatment should be started to avoid the un-necessary complications of the particular disease that the child is suffering from.

There is almost no particular treatment for primary bed-wetting as far as conventional system of medicine is concerned except desmopressin acetate or antidiuretic hormone and imipramine, but regular and continuous usage of this kind of medication might cause some long term complications.

Management of Bed-wetting at Homeopathy Health Centre: :-
We at Homeopathy Health Centre treat the diseases in a rapid, gentle and permanent manner with the help of Homoeopathic medication, combining with dietary guideline and Yoga by Dr. Pancholi's Team of expert Homoeopathic Doctors.

Homoeopathy : Homoeopathic medications are helpful to establish a synchronized brain and muscular relationship both voluntary and ivoluntary. Primary Bedwetting conditions are basically improper or in-effective control of the internal sphincter of the bladder. With the help of Dr. Pancholi's Formulated Homoeopathic Medications, we can hasten the maturation of the nervous system leading to curing of the Primary Bedwetting problem. Not only this, Homoeopathic medication are very simple and does not lead to any sort of side-effects and continuous intake of medication does not cause any sort of addiction to the particular medication.

Behavioural modification and Toilet Training : It should be always important to remember that different children develop differently and primary bedwetting can be a normal developmental stage. Re-assurance and encouragement often will work instead of scolding. Some kids require a separate toilet training that their parents can train them. This is very helpful. Dr. Pancholi's Team of expert Homoeopathic Doctors are well conversed about it and they can guide the parents about the same.

Excercise : Bladder stretching exercise are often helpful for controlling Primary Bedwetting problem which Dr. Pancholi's Team of expert Homoeopathic Doctors can advice properly.
What is Tonsillitis ?
Acute tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils caused by one of several possible types of bacteria or viruses. Acute tonsillitis is characterized by either the sudden or gradual onset of a sore throat which is usually associated with fever. The patient may stop swallowing saliva, complain of ear pain with swallowing, and have bad breath.

Tonsils and Adenoids :-
The tonsils and adenoids are composed of tissues that are similar to the lymph nodes or glands found in the neck or other parts of the body.

What is the purpose of the tonsils and adenoids?
The tonsils and adenoids are to assist the body in its defense against incoming bacteria and viruses by helping the body form antibodies.

Complications if Un-treated or Mal-treated :-
Tonsillitis might take a chronic shape if there is any sort of persistent infections of the tonsils. Repeated infections may cuase the formation of small pockets in the tonsils which harbour bacteria. This causes the foul breath. Peritonsillar abscess is another complications, if un-treated , the infection can spread deep in the neck causing life-threatening complications and airway obstruction. Obstruction to breathing by enlarged tonsils and adenoids may cause snoring and disturbed sleep, might cause sleep apnea and restless sleep, bedwetting, mood changes, excessive sleepiness, and even heart problems. Chronic mouth breathing from large tonsils and adenoids causes improper alignment of the teeth (malocclusion). Chronic enlargement and infection of the adenoids may lead to infection of the air passages around the nose (sinusitis) or nasal drainage/obstruction, and/or may affect the eustachian tube of the ear, leading to chronic ear infections.

Conventional treatment for Acute tonsillitis is anti-biotics, anti-allergics, anti-pyeritics, NSAIDs and systemic steroids where required. These medications only gives a temporary relief and having its own potent side effects if given for long time.

The treatment of chronic tonsillitis is very limited according to the conventional system of medications, as they always prefer for tonsillectomy with adnoidectomy, but tonsils and adenoids being the first line of defence of human body against bacteria and viruses this surgery hastens the chance the repeated Gastro-intestinal and Respiratory infections of the patients.

Management of tonsillitis at Homeopathy Health Centre :-
We at Homeopathy Health Centre treat the diseases in a rapid, gentle and permanent manner with the help of Homoeopathic medication, combining with dietary guideline by Dr. Pancholi's Team of expert Homoeopathic Doctors.

Homoeopathy : In homoeopathy, we go to the root of the disease and understand the cause of the disease and the disease is treated accordingly. In Homeopathy Health Centre we have seen continuous and regular intake of Dr. Pancholi's Formulated Homoeopathic Medications can cure acute and chronic conditions of tonsillitis. Homoeopathic medication not only cures the existing disease condition, but it also builds the innate immunity to fight against the different disease conditions. Not only this, Homoeopathic medication are very simple and does not lead to any sort of side-effects and continuous intake of medication does not case any sort of addiction to the particular medication.

Diet : Diet is very important in different conditions of tonsillitis both acute and chronic, because during the time of acute infection and in chronic infections also, patient is having fever, pain, anorexia, pain in swallowing foods and even liquids. but nutritional balance of the patient (mostly children) has to be proper otherwise the child becomes mal-nourished and growth-related problem will develop. Dr. Pancholi's Team of expert Homoeopathic Doctors can gudie what would be the effective and balanced diet chart for the specific disease condition.
Autism is a complex developmental disorder where kids suffer from poor or complete lack of communication skills, poor or complete lack of eye contact, poor socializing capacity, being lost in their own world and repetitive behavior.

Autistic children tend to suffer from many physical conditions like frequent infections, constipation or Diarrhea as well, because of error in metabolic pathways and mal-absorption, various deficiencies tend to be common in these kids.

Autism along with Asperger's syndrome and PDD- NOS forms a spectrum called ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In Aspergers there is restricted and stereo type behavior with motor clumsiness but no delay in communication and cognitive development. It is likely to be due to Genetic reasons like Autism where brain mapping shows non specific structural differences when compared to normal kids.

PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder) : Even though symptoms seem related they are milder than Autism and some are present and some of the typical Autistic symptoms are absent.

There are various possible causes observed for these diseases but nothing is established as yet. Some of the more accepted ones are as follows:
1. Genetic : So far the most probable cause, resulting in neural defect during development process.
2. Teratogenic agents taken before first eight week of conception.
3. Thimerosal in childhood Vaccines (These kids have Poor capacity to excrete Mercury ) and MMR vaccines (Measles virus from the vaccine ). Though there is oblique reference to them as causative agents these are not scientifically validated as yet.
4. Autoimmune disorder of Gut, Parasitic and Yeast infection causing Leaking Gut have been found in these kids. They appear to be more maintaining factors rather than causing agents.

Treatment :-
It in one thing to know about a disease and talk volumes and theorize but from a parents perspective it is the solution that matters most.

Homeopathy : works on the principles of "Likes Cure Likes". This is exactly like vaccines where a low potency virus when injected in body gives you protection from the same virus when encountered. We have thousands of remedies in Homeopathy prepared from various material and are capable of producing various kind of immune response which can be used for treating any disorder.

Autism treatment has to be holistic covering all aspects.
Broadly it can be done as follows.
1. Speech & Behavioral therapy : one must continue to engage the kids with quality speech and behavioral therapy as these kids lack the ability to learn spontaneously..
2. Supplements and detoxification of body. Since they suffer from deficiencies they will regularly need supplement. In fact because in some kids there is excess gut permeability causing "Leaky Gut". These kids show significant improvement when we remove "Gluten" and "Casein" from their diet. What is now popular as "GFCF" diet.
3. Finally, treatment with Homeopathic medicines. It is described in detail below
These are the common symptoms a child suffers when he or she should be considered to be evaluated for ADD or ADHD
  • Distractibility & difficulty with concentration and focus
  • Short term memory lapses
  • Procrastination
  • Tardiness, impulsiveness
  • Problem in organizing the ideas and belonging
  • Weak planning and execution – symptoms to look for in adults.

Common causes to be linked with this disorder :-
  • It is a genetic disorder
  • Tobacco smoking during pregnancy
  • Lead exposure
  • Head injury
  • Malnutrition

Role of Homeopathy :-
  • Homeopathy can play a complimentary role in treating this disorder.
  • There are some Homeopathic remedies which can attend to the constitution of the child and there are remedies which can treat individual symptoms.
  • Along with various therapies, giving Homeopathy to the child will definitely be useful, since attending to the constitution will bring about major changes.
  • These kids tend to have problems due to various levels of immune deficiencies, resulting in recurrent infections of respiratory system. Example: frequent cough & cold, glue ear etc. We can significantly improve the resistance by employing medicines like Tub Bo, C Nosode etc.
  • Often kids with ADHD/ ADD have issues with bowel flora resulting in either constipation or diarrhoea. Homeopathy along with probiotics can significantly improve bowel health.
  • The other advantage of Homeopathic treatment is your child receives medicines which are completely safe as it does not have any toxic effect on body or on mind.